lettermark-logosSimplicity is key when creating a logo, and lettermarks are about as simple as it gets. They’re similar to wordmarks in that they’re comprised of text, but highlight the company’s initials rather than their full name.

This can be handy if your organization’s name is difficult to pronounce or especially long. After all, “IBM” makes for a much catchier and more concise logo than “International Business Machines.” When you know that you’ll have minimal space available for branding (like when working with a very small product), lettermarks are a good way to save on size and still provide an indication of your brand’s name.

Additionally, using a lettermark logo design assigns equal visual weight to every word in the name of your company, which may make them easier for customers to remember. “EA” acts as a simple mnemonic device that helps to familiarize people with the “Electronic Arts” brand.

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