Heard of Online Monetization but never used it ?

Well here is what you can do to convert your efforts into money.

Nowadays, internet has become a major tool which enables the public to effectively communicate their ideas to the audience. One of the most handsome forms of expression used by people includes the ‘blogging culture’. The blog trend appeared in the late 1990’s and since then people are showing their interest in blogging activities by fulfilling their desire to post and convey their likes or dislikes, opinions, anguish, concern in front of a wider mass of people. Bloggers are often termed as ‘influential agenda settlers’. Now this blog trend has moved beyond from a simple ‘form of expression’ to a means to ‘earn a livelihood’. With the smart use of a scheme- ‘online monetization’, bloggers are able to grab revenue from the traffic being dashed at a particular website. Today, blogging serves not only as a stage which offers limelight to our simple voice but it has also helped the businessmen to grow and promote their business.


A company blog can help to offer a high jump to your business in following ways

  • Helps to improve your website’s SEO
  • Helps to shoot up traffic to your website along with the help via inbound link
  • Advertises the strong muscles of your brand or services

Blogging as a ‘social media influencer’ helps to provide in depth awareness and can be used by businessmen as a weapon to enhance and beautify their reputation and sales to a grandiose level. Public spend more time going through a blog rather than checking their e-mail id’s. With the effective coordination of ‘pleasure-knowledge’ theme, they can inform the customers about their services and also make them to have an engaging look at their business blog.



PLACEMENT OF RELEVANT ADS: You can begin your game by putting ads from ad networks on your blog. Make sure that the ads you display must be ‘cherry-picked’ and should belong among the ‘selected few race.’ Most of the ad networks as similar to Google Adsense help in delivering advertisements that are relevant to the content appearing on the webpage. You must keep in mind that the written material being put on a website must have a stern or target focus so as to make it easier to stage most appropriate ads along with it. Developing niche sites that issue a high CPC (cost per click) is a well known and effective strategy that marketers use to increase their income via Google Adsense. Do never think of storming your niche website with the heavy clouds of ads. Google usually drops down the ratings of sites that over-use advertisements on a given page. Content should remain the ‘apple of eye’ to a niche site. Keep a check on your ad placements on a regular basis.

LOOK UP FOR ADVERTISERS TO ADVERTISE YOUR BLOGS: Effectively make a firm decision and choose the kinds of ad you will permit to flow on your blog. In keeping up with the demands of the general public, you may opt either for text link or banner ads. Don’t just lazily wait for advertisers to come at your doorsteps, instead try to reach out and shout out to those companies who advertise for blogs as similar to yours. You can also place your ad options on other platforms like Buy Sell Ads. This will help you to catch on to the prospective advertisers. It is a space that also offers you a statistical research regarding how much money you should charge on the basis of the traffic, niche or audience size. To guard against any filthy black stain on your reputation, you must self-check the sites that you are permitting to advertise for your blog.

AFFILIATE MARKETING STRATEGY: Affiliate marketing can be a rich source to attain passive income. You can initiate by communicating about the products or services of your use. Anything you have purchased, surf the website to get a link to an affiliate program.

INDEPENDENT WEB HOSTING: Webizona offers WordPress Hosting to effectively manage the hosting setup and provide necessary updates to your website software to keep it secure and protected. We can create a blog designs that stands out of the crowd in terms of layout & robustness with regular backups services.

INFORMATION PRODUCT: Information product helps to inform, educate people who are not much aware about the different types of niche. Creating or setting up an information device helps to collect the grievances of the public and it further helps to resolve the lingering doubts in the mind of people as it offers to attend to all the queries or questions raised by the general public. Form a progressive sales funnel encircling the answers made to the queries asked by people. Keep the people engaged and excited by showering them with surprise offers or special discounts that will boost the sales on your products. You can afford to arrange festive special, weekend offer and birthday bonus. Uphold a competition and offer a service, e-book or membership as a winning prize.

BLOGGING WEBSITE DESIGN: Design tools helps to build new, innovative and creative ideas to boost the speed and performance of your business. With the use of blog audits, website designs, striking visuals, logo design, great content, reviews and a rock solid social media strategy you can make your page to not only become reachable but also readable by its target audience.

BUILT YOUR SIGN UP LIST: Focus upon making the audience melt down upon atleast one of your lead attractions and get a large number of audience to sign up for your mailing list. You can also create a summary form of your lead attractions and promote them on several social media platforms which includes- twitter, facebook ads and e-mail signatures.

SELL ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS:  Make a good use of your social media based profile to make your ideas attract the target consumers.

SOCIAL ATTENTION THROUGH MEDIA EXPOSURE: Try to gain more attention, trust and acknowledgment for the quality of your services by exposing your products to public with help of media companies including– Prof Net and Muck Rack.

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