SMS marketing has been, for a long time now, a very common practice among companies trying to promote their product and vying for more exposure & consumer support. Companies send out attractive messages to numbers registered with them inviting customers to avail their lucrative offers. This has been a common practice among competitors since mobile phones started making a place in India and changed the dynamics of marketing leaving behind the old conventional methods. As a result, bulk SMS marketing services in India started taking shape and a lot of SMS marketing agencies came up.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Keeping all the above mentioned benefits of bulk SMS marketing in mind, Webizona extends all such benefits to its clients with minimum friction. The reason why Webizona has become a trusted name in the field of bulk SMS marketing services India is because it has always stood up to the needs of its clients. We provide our clients with a web based login system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and pan India coverage to provide them with maximum opportunities. We also have information portals, inquiry services and loyalty programmers running to ensure that our customers remain with us for lifetime.

As a bulk SMS marketing agency, we provide our clients with:

  • Dedicated Keyword with Sub-Keywords.
  • mVouchers & mCoupons.
  • Unlimited Free Auto-responses.
  • Feedback & Collection of Data.
  • Online & Real Time Delivery Reports.
  • Dynamic Response Mechanisms.
  • URL Forwarding.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number Hosting.

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